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AISI 4330v modified steel


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17-4 PH
AISI 4330v modified steel from USA

AISI 4330v modified steel is a versatile quenched and tempered steel that is characterized by its high toughness and strength and has excellent notched bar impact values at -40°C. These properties are maintained over large cross-sectional dimensions (thicknesses) by the addition of vanadium.

International identifiers

ASTM A646/A646M-06(2011), 1.6932


The material AISI 4330 is preferably used in mechanical engineering (high-strength parts) and in the oil and gas sector.



AISI 4330V mod. is very difficult to weld and is therefore not suitable for welded constructions. If welding is unavoidable, a preheating temperature of 400°C and a post-weld heat treatment at 600°C is recommended, or even better a renewed quenching and tempering.

Mechanical Properties:
up to wall thickness 550 mm according to 3.1 inspection certificate:

Hardness 270-310 HBW
0,2 %-Yield strength: 690 MPa
Tensile Strength: > 865 MPa
Reduction in area (longitudinal): min. 18 %
Impact test (ISO-V) trans: min. 60 J bei -40°C

Chemical composition:

AISI 4330 C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ni V Cu
min. 0,28 0,80 0,90 0,35 1,80 0,06
max. 0,32 0,40 1,0 0,02 0,010 1,20 0,55 2,10 0,14 0,20

AISI 4330v from stock

flat, forged

acero plano, forjado, recocide disolución y curado
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