AISI 4140 special / modified steel


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AISI 41040 modified steel

AISI 4140 SS is a versatile quenched and tempered steel characterized by its high toughness and strength.

International appellations:

ASTM A331, A505, A519, A646, AFNOR 42C04, 42CD4U, SS2244, AFNOR 40CDU, 40CD4U, B.S. 708A42, 708H37, 708M40, 709M40, EN19, EN19A, EN19B, EN19C, 40HM, 1.7225


AISI 4140 is mainly used in mechanical engineering, as well as in vehicle and automotive construction. For example, gears, gear and crankshafts and connecting rods are made from this steel 4140.


The quenched and tempered material AISI 4140 modified steel is very difficult to weld and is not suitable for welded constructions. Heat treatment is recommended if welding is unavoidable.

Chemical composition:

AISI 4140 C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ni V
min. 0,38 0,60 0,90 0,15 0,5
max. 0,45 0,40 0,90 0,025 0,035 1,20 0,30 0,7

AISI 4140 directly from stock:

flat, forged

acero plano, forjado, recocide disolución y curado

Benefits of sawn cuts:

Due to mechanical processing with the saw, the material structure shows much lower unintentional deformation and material hardening than, for example, oxyfuel cutting. Therefore, the already machined piece from the saw has a homogeneous structure at the edge, which remains unchanged in the further processing of the material. This circumstance allows for immediate finishing work with milling or drilling of the piece, without the need for additional annealing or similar processes.

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