F6NM material ASTM A182


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F6NM material from stock in Texas
F6NM ASTM A182 from stock in US

F6NM martensitic chromium-nickel steel is rust and acid resistant with molybdenum addition. It has medium corrosion resistance. The ever-increasing demand for F6NM is due to its good toughness properties and the resulting versatile performance range. The soft-martensitic and stainless steel is used for valves, compressors or centrifuges.

International identifiers:

F6NM / C54868 / S41500 / SGS6X / SGS5 / ASTMA182 / F6NM430F


F6NM ss material is used in the petroleum industry, in the manufacture of turbine runners for hydroelectric power plants, and for components in power plant and reactor construction.


Machinability: 5 (1 =bad- 10 = good)
Welding suitability: bad
Polished: yes
Corrosion class: 2 (0 = weak – 5 = good)

Chemical composition:

ASTM A 182 F6NM C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ni V Al Cu N Nb Ti
min. 12,00 0,4 3,5 0,02
max. 0,50 0,60 1,0 0,035 0,02 14,00 0,7 4,5

F6NM from US-Stock:

flat, forging

acero plano, forjado, recocide disolución y curado

Benefits of sawn cuts:

The use of a saw for processing involves mechanical manipulation of the material, resulting in a reduced risk of unintended deformation and increased hardness compared to thermal cutting methods. As a result, the workpiece maintains a consistent structure, allowing for seamless continuation of material processing. This characteristic enables immediate finishing touches through milling or drilling without the need for pre-annealing or similar procedures.

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Important questions

What is the tensile strength of F6NM?
The tensile strength can vary from 650 MPa to over 1100 MPa depending on the property state.

At what temperature can F NM be hardened?
F6NM is annealed within the temperature range of 950°C to 1050°C and then hardened by rapid cooling using air, oil, polymer, or water.

Is F6NM magnetic?
F6NM is a ferromagnetic material.

How can F6NM be hardened and tempered?
The process involves first hardening F6NM to a martensitic structure and then tempering at temperatures above 500°C.

Is F6NM corrosion resistance?
While F6NM is corrosion-resistant, it can still rust under certain environmental conditions.

What ist he density of F6NM?
The density of 1.4313 ranges from 7.70 to 7.85 kg/cm³, depending on its precise composition.

What ist he Machinability of F6NM?
The machinability varies with the hardness level, but it can generally be considered good compared to other high-alloy steels.