AISI 440 B / 1.4112


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El indispensable acero para rodamientos 1.3505
AISI 440 B from stock in USA

Due to the higher carbon content, AISI 440 B is a chromium steel with high hardness, wear resistance and good cutting ability. It is magnetic, stainless, contains molybdenum and vanadium. Its wear resistance and corrosion resistance make it particularly suitable for wear parts. Due to its mechanical properties, AISI 440 B is also known as knife steel.

International identifiers

SAE 440B, AFNOR X89CrMoV18-1, SUS440B, UNS S44003, 1.4112


SS 440 B is used for shaped and flat knives in the food industry, perforated discs and accessories for mincers and shaped knives for fish processing. It is also well suited for surgical cutting tools and active elements in plastics processing, as well as in the automotive sector.



Weldability no
Machinability 4 (1 = bad – 10 = good)
Polishing yes
Corrosion class 2 (0 = weak – 5 = good)

Welding: This material is unsuitable for welding. There is a risk of hardening cracks.

Forging: The forging process can be carried out between 1100°C and 800°C. Slow cooling is then carried out in the furnace, in ash or in the air.

Heat treatment: Heat treatment results in high hardness and good corrosion resistance.

Corrosion restistance: AISI SS 440 B in the quenched and tempered condition is corrosion resistant to water and chemical products due to its high chromium content.

Chemical analysis:

AISI 440 B
C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ni V
min. 0,85 hasta hasta 17,00 0,90 0,07
max. 0,95 1,00 1,00 19,00 1,30 0,12

AISI 440 B from stock:

Flat, forged

acero plano, forjado, recocide disolución y curado

Advantages of saw cut:

The use of a saw for processing involves mechanical manipulation of the material, resulting in a reduced risk of unintended deformation and increased hardness compared to thermal cutting methods. As a result, the workpiece maintains a consistent structure, allowing for seamless continuation of material processing. This characteristic enables immediate finishing touches through milling or drilling without the need for pre-annealing or similar procedures.

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